Making Our Way to Higher Ground

The beauty of higher ground is that once on it, you keep climbing higher – from one peak to another. As you do, more and more of universal wisdom is revealed to you. A world of creative and transformational ideas appear. It will be easier to take risks as you trust your guidance every step of the way.

Flying Beyond the Realm of Fear

With the many tough challenges we’re faced with – personally and globally – it’s easy to let fear overshadow our lives. Yet, there is one thing that can lift you up and beyond them.

Pivoting from Scared to Sacred

A pivot is what we need right now – personally and collectively. We need to move from fearful feelings and the negative images it produces to feelings of reverence and respect. Ask yourself which is more healing and calming?

Own Your Life or Someone Else Will

Our past has helped to shape our lives. How can it not? Yet it does not have the power to define us. Whatever your past experiences were you can emerge as an empowered individual. You can shed the weight of harmful situations, labels and feelings of guilt, shame and low self-worth.

5 Vital Keys to Keep Your Vision Alive

Yes, it’s true that from the time Spielberg was a small boy he held a movie camera in his hand. He also had a mother who encouraged his creativity. Not everyone is so lucky. But do you think it’s been an easy path for him?

Global Challenges and the Urgent Need for Insightful Leadership

Change is no longer on the horizon. It’s swirling around us at a dizzying speed. Whether it’s a natural crisis or man-made, it’s a lot to deal with. The depths of the challenges confronting us often feel overwhelming and even insurmountable. They’re not. What then, is the answer? 

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

Leadership Excellence: Mastering Your Energy

Your energy defines the quality of your unique individual expression.
Your energy combined with that of your stakeholders and employees defines your company.
The quality of your business depends on how well you manage, harness and direct its energy.

Intuition is a Game Changer

Facts, statistics, resumes and smooth talkers can impress; influence and point you in the wrong direction. However, if you are consciously present and aware of your feelings it can override the external parade of showmanship and lead you to make the right decision.

The Creative Power of Our Thoughts and Words

Your thoughts and words can act as powerful influences that affect you, as well as others. When they are felt, heard and repeated enough they can change the way we think and behave. Therefore, carefully observe yourself.

A Simple Method for Practicing Self-Awareness

To meet the demands and challenges of 21st century, self-aware leaders are needed. That means leaders who have the willingness to look at their strengths and weakness. Not easy for a leader with a dominant ego or a fast-track lifestyle.