Pivoting from Scared to Sacred


With the onslaught of the coronavirus our world has turned upside down. The new normal is highly uncomfortable as our routines have been dramatically disrupted. Economic uncertainty is certain and fear is rampant. So how do we maneuver this road with a glimmer of peace of mind and a calm and steady hand on the wheel?  We pivot.


To pivot is to stay in place, yet change direction. It’s where the expression “turn on a dime” came from. To avoid confrontation a politician might quickly pivot off a subject to another. A basketball player often pivots in many directions with one foot in place to protect the ball.


A pivot is what we need right now – personally and collectively. We need to move from fearful feelings and the negative images it produces to feelings of reverence and respect. Ask yourself which is more healing? Calming?


I had the privilege of working for a business woman who was also a healer. The healings she did for my 92-year-old mom where incredible. She used to tell me that the first and most important thing you do when healing a person is to reduce their fear. I know people in the medical world who believe that to be true.


Neuroscientist Candace Pert discovered “neuropeptides,” which reside in our brain as chemical messengers. They travel throughout our body depositing a bit of chemical in every cell. They do this through our thoughts and words. Fearful thoughts weaken our immune system, which is the last thing you want to happen when threatened by disease. Positive and optimistic thoughts strengthen our immune system, helping us to fight off disease.


Take a look at the word scared. If you transpose the letters c and a, the word become sacred. The word sacred is often connected with religion, yet I believe it is the heart of life. It speaks to our values – what we cherish and treasure in our lives. That could mean our family, friends or pets. It can mean our co-workers, teachers, doctors and other professionals.


What we cherish in life, we take care of – including ourselves. However, the coronavirus has caught us off-guard. Understandably, this life and death pandemic has caused an unprecedented fear level. However, it’s to our disadvantage to maintain it.


When you catch yourself caught up in fear, know you have the power to pivot from scared to sacred. For only you have the power to redirect your thoughts. Think about how you can protect and cherish what you value in life. Perhaps it’s by maintaining positive thoughts about your loved ones under difficult circumstances. Or maybe you’ll receive ideas of actions you can take to help others.


Always remember, to hold foremost in your mind, that just one small pivot can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of others.