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Whether presenting to CEOs, organizations or students, Susan's message centers around the creative use and power of the mind.

How to use it to enhance leadership effectiveness, problem solve, manage energy and tap into inner resources.


From the simplest act to a complex task, with the creative use of our
mind, life becomes easier. The program below shows how
the skillful use of our mind allows us to turn ideas into
action, problem solve and rise above the drama
of life to streamline our personal
and professional lives.

Team Leadership Program
Connect, Create, Collaborate
Team Leadership Program
    Empower Your Team    Explore Possibilities
Ignite Creativity

Learn how to:

 >Reduce mind clutter        >Achieve clarity     >Unify as a team        >Heighten creativity   

 >Generate original ideas    >Problem-solve      >Trust your intuition      >Bring your vision to life

Course Description:  

Connection/Creativity/Collaboration is a 3-hour program that empowers teams to elevate their thought process and set the stage for a unified mindset that enthusiastically supports a shared purpose and vision. This process opens the door to heightened creativity, which generates bold and transformative ideas.


Creative problem-solving becomes a team effort based on client need. The program is interactive.  It will challenge your thinking and feeling nature. It will cultivate curiosity. Open-minded listening, stimulating dialogue and discussion is encouraged. Each presentation is adapted to the needs of your team. 


To inquire about
The Team Leadership Program,
Call 805-744-9174 or e-mail

"Susan is an energetic teacher who passionately
connects with others. Her humor and wisdom shine through."
 ~Robin Rector Krupp, Artist, Author & Educator