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Alzati Team Leadership Class


The Team Leadership Class
provides the powerful deep work that
transforms individuals and organizations.

Participants learn how to:

Manage Uncertainty - Build Resilience
Improve Performance - Achieve Clarity
Problem-Solve - Heighten Creativity


Develop a culture that supports creative exploration,
openness, collaboration and inventiveness.

Team Leadership Class
Connect, Create, Collaborate

Team Leadership Program

      Building Dynamic Teams       
Exploring Possibilities
Igniting Creativity

Course Description:  

Connection/Creativity/Collaboration empowers teams to elevate their thought process and set the stage for a unified mindset that enthusiastically supports a shared purpose and vision. This process opens the door to heightened creativity, which generates bold and transformative ideas.

Creative problem-solving becomes a team effort based on client need. The program is interactive and challenges assumptions.  It cultivates open-minded thinking leading to stimulating discussions.

Through the Team Leadership Class, participants begin to understand the new consciousness that is needed to meet the demands of our times. 

Each presentation is adapted to the needs of your team.


Participants learn how to:  
  Reduce mind clutter/
 Generate original ideas/  Unify as a team/  Adapt to change
Develop intuition/
  Achieve clarity/  Problem-solve 

Team Leadership Class Overview

Through the Team Leadership Class participants become skilled in navigating the disruptions of the 21st century with calmness of mind. With developed intuitive guidance they can explore possible solutions to widespread challenges.

Together we look at the individual path of self-awareness. Their understanding of self-assessment deepens as they realize the benefits of clearing the way for valuable insights and innovative solutions that will meet global needs. 


We do this by diving into the purpose and value of
Connection, Creativity and Collaboration


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