Are you guilty of letting distractions interrupt your valuable time? Time that is valuable because we never know how much of it we have left. I’m reminded of the saying, “Might as well make the best of it.” Are you?


As the world bombards you with annoying interruptions, often labeled “breaking news” or “buy this,” the choice to shield yourself from them or let them in, is yours. Choose wisely as, once in, they can cleverly overpower your values and deep desires for your life.  How? By the constant disruption of your thought process.  That’s definitely not good, for your thoughts have the power to influence and shape your life and business. Therefore, protect, guard and guide them with conscious intention.


The Power of a Thought

What gives one single thought more power than another? The strength and intensity of the feeling, belief and energy underneath the thought. Thoughts that are supported with underlying intense feelings and beliefs override the thousands of thoughts that daily run through our mind.


That is why fear, which can be an extremely powerful emotion, often rules a person’s thoughts, painting their lives with the colors of anxiety, sadness and depression. The other side of the coin is the positive effect that thoughts of happiness have on our lives.


In essence, you have the power through your thoughts to change your mental state, your emotional state and even your physiology.


It’s All About Choice

So is it simply about thinking happy thoughts? Umm…after giving that some thought, I’d say it can’t hurt. Although some thoughts run deep and have roots attached to frightening memories, which can become underlying beliefs. Those beliefs can be at odds with your happy and positive thoughts.


Therefore, the more self-awareness you have and willingness to look and find old beliefs that might be preventing you from moving forward, the faster you’ll find the freedom to transform your life.


As you filter out careless and negative thoughts, many of which are habitual, yet not necessarily true, you can replace them with healthy and supportive thoughts. Then watch as your world begins to corresponds.


Practical Benefits for Your Life and Business

The concentrated work you apply to acknowledging and cleaning up your thoughts will affect every aspect of your life and business. Over time you will experience a greater sense of well-being and begin to see the results of applied dedication.


You will begin to achieve a greater sense of clarity. You will become more thoughtful and careful in all your undertakings. Your overall outlook and relationships will improve. Your worldview will shift, allowing you to manage your life and business with a greater depth of insight.


You will reap the rewards as you begin to move from shallow surface waters into calm deep waters. Personality reactions will give way to a strong and steady foundation that supports your new strength of mind, rooted in patience and understanding.


In the workplace your cognitive abilities such as focus, memory, critical thinking and decision-making will improve. All which affect overall job performance. This means, with dedicated effort you can move beyond old triggers and respond with new behavior.



However, there is no such thing as a magic pill or quick fix. Personal transformation requires patience. To change established thought patterns, you must be awake and aware with a fervent desire and willingness to weed out limiting and negative thoughts.  Actually, what it comes down to, is having a deep desire to become a better person.


It’s that simple.

Image by Greenred, Pixabay