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"The Metaphysics of Business"

"A Practical Approach to Solving Complex Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century" is available on Amazon.

The Metaphysics of Business by Susan Ann Darley
The Metaphysics of Business takes the mystery out of the word “metaphysics,” reducing complex theories to simplicity. Written for leaders it explains the path that leads to greater self-awareness.

Benefits include superior...

  • Job Performance
  • Productivity
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving

The Metaphysics of Business presents principles and techniques that translate into practical skills that can be applied to your career and personal life. With newfound clarity you can identify and solve problem areas – within yourself and in your organization.

Through the creative use of mind, metaphysics becomes a practical everyday tool.


The Metaphysics of Business serves as an enlightening road map for leaders who choose to lead armed with valuable insights  into life that transform hearts and minds while shaping positive humanitarian change.  Purchase through Amazon


"The Talent Show"

"Achieve Higher Levels of Creativity" 

THe Talent Show Cover


The Talent Show
: Achieve Higher Levels of Creativity, reveals how to raise your consciousness to explore higher levels of creativity. Learn how to harness your creative energy and use it to benefit your career and personal life.

The Talent Show is about self-awareness and how to develop a mindset that is inclusive, intuitive and seeks to serve the highest good of humanity.

"There is no shortage of talent. Just a shortage of awareness."

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