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5 Vital Keys to Keep Your Vision Alive

Steven Spielberg was once asked ‘What will God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?’ He responded with two words, “thank you.”  An answer free of doubt, guilt or remorse. A confident yet humble satisfaction that he is doing what he came here to do. He is living his vision. Are you?

  Yes, it’s true that from the time Spielberg was a small boy he held a movie camera in his hand. He also had a mother who encouraged his creativity. Not everyone is so lucky. But do you think it’s been an easy path for him?   How did he feel when he was shunned by his peers and the movie industry for years? How many doubts and fears has he wrestled with while tackling difficult and sensitive subjects? How much does he like public appearances that come with marketing a major theater release? Our visions may emerge from inspiration but to bring them to fruition can demand a lot from us.  

5 Ways to Keep Your Vision Alive

  PASSION is the force of energy underneath your vision that propels it forward. It continually nurtures your vision, enriches your belief in yourself and gives you the power to guide it to completion. If your passion wanes through the tough times you will need to renew and refuel your energy. Ask yourself, “Do I still want to move forward?”  If the answer is yes but your energy is low, revisit your purpose and why you’re the person to bring your unique vision to life. Then take the next step.   CLARITY is the critical element that allows you to effectively create a practical plan and efficiently carry it out. That does not mean you have to know each step from beginning to end. It means to be responsible in each moment for every decision you make. Clarity is like a beam of light that clearly defines your vision in order to develop a viable road map for your journey. Without it you are in danger of traveling in thick fog and losing your way.   ACTION is easy to take because we like to be busy, however, the development of discernment regarding your actions can save you wasted time and money. Do you jump in before you think?  Do you sit on the sidelines in fear?  Do you avoid ‘next step’ challenges?  It’s up to you to honestly assess your character traits and challenge yourself to grow beyond the outdated ones that hold you back.   ADAPTABILITY is necessary or you will break under pressure to “do it one way only.” Life is fluid so flow with it. The mistakes you will make along the way are guideposts. Be grateful for them. Pay attention and learn from them. If not, you’ll just repeat them. Flexibility allows you to be resilient. Do you realize how valuable that is? It opens you up to adventure – many not planned because how could you see around the corner? Stretch with your vision. Be open to revisions. Wind and twist with the road and let it take you farther than you’ve ever been.   PATIENCE needs to be your hallmark characteristic. Too many visions, dreams and innovations that could be improving our world are prematurely tossed to the side of the road. Your endurance will be tested, especially when ideas fail, people disappoint and weariness takes over.  And that is exactly the time when patience is needed. However, in those moments when impatience begins to rule your mind, body and soul – override it by holding a consistent picture of your vision. Do this under all circumstances. With every challenge that confronts you look through the disturbance, beyond the problem and into the solution.  Then take the next step.   Yet, when you relentlessly ask, “How and when will this happen?” instead ask, “Why am I doing this?” With your answer perhaps you will find renewed patience and the willingness to continue with the hope of hearing a simple “thank you” at the end.  

“I get that same queasy, nervous, thrilling feeling every time I go to work. That’s never worn off since I was 12 years-old with my dad’s 8-millimeter movie camera.” ~Steven Spielberg