Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

The Greatest Challenge of the 21st Century

You’re ahead of the curve if you’ve figured out that it isn’t a black and white world. Unfortunately, not enough people have and are stuck in the “I’m right, your wrong” mindset. What defines the concept of “black and white” is when a person is so painfully handcuffed to their personal beliefs that they refuse to open their mind to entertain another’s point of view. A closed mind is at the core of every problem that confronts us.

What Mountain is Yours to Climb?

Not long ago I asked a CEO what his secret to success is. He answered, “Every day I do the most difficult thing first because I want to end the day strong.” I then asked how does that make you strong?

Don’t Role the Credits Just Yet…

Be honest. How many times have you said, “Someday, I will…”?  How many incomplete projects do you have lying around? How many ideas fill your head but never see the light of day? What about promises you made to yourself to take better care of yourself?

How to Find Calm in the Chaos

Yesterday I spoke with an agitated young woman in her 40’s who was highly disturbed by world events. Her state of mind was affecting her professional and personal life. She was fearful and anxious to find immediate solutions to global challenges. She knew her thoughts were unrealistic but obsessively dwelled on them. 

Demystifying Metaphysics

What scares the majority of people is the visibility factor. If I can’t see it – it isn’t real. They’re locked into the concrete physical world and find it difficult to believe they can use their mind to improve their personal reality.

Who’s In Charge?

By going within, discovering your truth, expanding your vision and being open-minded. Many people are not ready for such a bold exploration. Yet, the inner journey is where you’ll find your guidance, your truth, your purpose and peace of mind. It’s where all the worries and fears that you carry loosen their grip. How?

It’s Not About the Miles

How far have you traveled? I imagine farther than you think you have. Years ago I was hiking in the mountains by myself. The path twisted and turned the entire way – switchbacks they’re called. After two hours I thought when am I going to reach the top? I finally arrived at a plateau from which I could look down. It was then that I realized…

George Floyd: Uniting and Igniting Change

Hundreds of years of deep-rooted sadness, hopelessness and rage is being transformed into an empowered mindset that will no longer tolerate abuse. It demands justice, accountability and respect. The collective will of the people has spoken and will continue to speak out. Ultimately it will win for external power is no match for internal power.

Dealing With Uncertainty

How much certainty do you have each day? Life is unpredictable from day-to-day. Routines can be altered in a second. Death of a loved one. Loss of a job. Devastation from an illness or natural event. During those times we can crumble under the weight of fear or rise up to courageously meet the trial.

Do Not Waste a Single Drop of Talent

Do you have talents you’ve neglected or put on hold? It’s easy to do and even shove them to the bottom of your “to do” list, which could be called the “someday” list.