Don’t Role the Credits Just Yet…

Be honest. How many times have you said, “Someday, I will…”?  How many incomplete projects do you have lying around? How many ideas fill your head but never see the […]

How to Find Calm in the Chaos

Yesterday I spoke with an agitated young woman in her 40’s who was highly disturbed by world events. Her state of mind was affecting her professional and personal life. She […]

Demystifying Metaphysics

My work with leaders and teams shows them how to use their mind to meet their challenges under all circumstances. Through raising their conscious awareness, they learn how to think, […]

Who’s In Charge?

  It’s Debatable…   Who’s to navigate and who’s to steer? That’s a dilemma and a question that usually brings up more questions than answers.   We like to think […]

It’s Not About the Miles

A couple of days ago, I decided to end my journey with the written word. I was weary and admittedly whining. After over 30 years of writing, I thought, “why […]

Dealing With Uncertainty

  Are you experiencing high levels of uncertainty due to the current civil unrest and global pandemic?  If so, there is a way you can reduce your fears and accompanying […]