Own Your Life…or Someone Else Will


           Would you like to change the world – improve and make a “dent” in it as Steve Jobs wrote? You can, however, there is one requirement. You must first own your life.


            Let’s look at what that means. Simply put, it means that you can no longer be ruled by your past, your fears or authority figures. Granted, not an easy task but a worthwhile one.


            Our past has helped to shape our lives. How can it not? Yet it does not have the power to define us. Whatever your past experiences were you can emerge as an empowered individual. You can shed the weight of harmful situations, labels and feelings of guilt, shame and low self-worth.


            Self-assessment is the process which frees you from past influences. It frees you to think independently and express your views regardless of how “unpopular” they might be. You no longer feel you need to shove your ideas down to please authority figures. Your conscience is your guide. Your desire to be free is your courage.


            Of-course there are bumps in the road. I recently found myself falling under the influence of a “charming” authority figure. Without thinking, I ran full-speed ahead to please another. In that brief moment I let another sway me from who I am.


           Nothing is worse than realizing you have betrayed yourself. Painful as it was, I quickly pulled myself out of the ditch, thankful for the lesson and renewed my resolve to slow down and be more aware of the subtle disguises of life.


            We find out along the way that owning our life can be quite challenging. But what’s the alternative? Would you like to be a cog in the wheel or sit in the driver’s seat and be awake and aware? Commit to becoming independent, confident and ready to make a dent in the world by being uniquely and courageously you.