Our thoughts and words are like pebbles. Like a stone skimming the surface of the water, they send ripples through the fluid pool of energy that connects us to one another and life itself.


Your thoughts and words can act as powerful influences that affect you, as well as others. When they are felt, heard and repeated enough they can change the way we think and behave. Therefore, carefully observe yourself.


Be selective in your choice of dominate thoughts and words for they are the creative building blocks of your life.  Take a close look at your life. Would you like to remodel specific areas?  You have the power to do so though the conscious and creative selection of your thoughts and words. 


Every day you are shaping your life with your mental focus and verbal output.  Therefore, pay attention to what you focus on because your intent strengthens your thoughts and words – giving them tremendous power. Why entertain something unpleasant? Would you allow a harmful presence into your home? Or would you rather your home be a sanctuary of peace and comfort?


These are not foolish questions. Their purpose is to heighten your awareness and responsibility for what you put into the world. When you worry or complain about life’s problems you are magnifying them. There is danger in talking incessantly about them as it can become habitual. Instead know that you have the power, not only to solve life’s problems, but to create a better life all around by wisely choosing what your focus will be.


Lastly, always remember that free will and choice are powerful platforms.


Use them wisely.