Planet Earth Survival Guide

With your feet firmly planted
on earth go to higher ground.


Do you recall the massive, underwater earthquake that took place in 2004 in Indonesia? It triggered a 20-foot high tsunami leaving a trail of destruction in its path. Fortunately, many of the aboriginal tribes, that lived by the water, survived by fleeing to higher ground.


That is what we must do. Go to higher ground, not only to survive the calamities of this century, but to thrive. Words that describe “thrive” are: strong, healthy, flourish, successful. However, it’s not always easy to see the path to those desired characteristics – especially when we’re dealing with multiple crises.



For the sake of clarity in this post, higher ground is synonymous with higher consciousness. We must go higher in thought to bring about positive solutions.

 As Einstein, said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same  thinking that we used when creating them.”



What is Higher Ground?

Higher ground represents the intelligent and creative life force that is running the universe. When you begin to contemplate this force you will begin to develop a curious, open and broad-minded receptivity to it.


As you consciously align yourself with the higher laws that operate the universe in perfect order, your thought becomes elevated. You become less attached to the drama of the earth, yet recognize that you are an integral part of both.


Many brilliant people have tapped into this intelligent and creative force, either consciously or subconsciously. However, to consciously connect with it is the most powerful and effective way to solve our personal and world challenges. Think of Michelangelo, Edison or Einstein. Did all their talent, brilliance and revelations come from books?  


How Do You Get There?

By being open-minded and acknowledging that there is a universal higher intelligence running the big show. By becoming quiet and desiring a conscious connection with “higher ground.” Of-course your ego might feel threatened and rebel at the thought of allowing that to happen.


A healthy ego is necessary as it gives us confidence and a sense of self-worth. However, it can also run wild like a little dictator who believes he or she is all-powerful and refuses to relinquish the throne. To reason with this stubborn authoritative mindset is a waste.


Simply have compassion for this sometimes unhinged dictator who is ruled by fear. Take charge and become an adventurer – a person who is willing to expand their consciousness and benefit from the creative force of the universe.


Traversing your inner terrain can be challenging because of the pull of the external world. “Are you crazy to let go of the earthly props that that give you a sense of security?” Umm…sounds like your ego is tagging along. Keep going.


Enjoy the View

Higher ground will astound you. As you become more receptive the wisdom of the universe will assist you in all you do. You can rely on its support and guidance no matter what your field or interest is.


Once you become comfortable with the concept of working with the universe, and begin to at a conscious level, you will feel a sense of safety and protection. That’s a wonderful feeling to have in a world filled with so much fear. It also gives you a certain boldness to take creative risks and maintain your confidence if they fail. 


The beauty of higher ground is that once on it, you keep climbing higher – from one peak to another. As you do, more and more of universal wisdom is revealed to you. Wisdom and a world of creativity filled with an abundance of new and transformational ideas.


Perhaps higher ground is the seemingly illusive place of certainty we’ve been searching for.