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Guiding Leaders and Teams to Greater Heights of Creativity

The 21st Century is proving to be incredibly challenging. We are on the brink of change but with tremendous resistance.


We stand at a critical crossroad as the world becomes more and more polarized. This century will not allow us to recycle old patterns while expecting new ideas and solutions.


Our global complexities will be solved by leaders and teams who are laser focused. They will have the ability to set intention and visualize the results.


 Welcome, I'm Susan Ann Darley.


Through coaching and teaching I work with leaders and teams to develop a conscious connection with the natural source of wisdom that resides within them.


Alzati Coaching and the Team Leadership Class helps leaders and teams to elevate their thought process and set the stage for a unified mindset that supports a shared purpose and vision. 


This process opens the door to heightened creativity, which generates bold and transformative ideas.


Contact me to learn more and discuss your challenges. Or call 805-744-9174. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Leadership Mastery Realized through the Inner Journey