Enter the Workshop of Your Imagination to Overcome Your Fears…


With the relentless and sometimes confusing reporting on the coronavirus, it’s easy to let fear overshadow our lives. Yet, there is one thing that can lift you up and beyond them. Your imagination. Channel it to visualize all good things in your life.


Like a pilot, you’re in charge of the controls. If you begin to take a deep dive, you have the power to lift yourself higher. It’s a matter of choice. You can change your thoughts and rise above the realm of collective fear.


We often do not know what we’re made of until a crisis hits. There within the eye of the storm lies opportunity.



A story is told of US Navy Pilot Captain Jack Sands who was captured during the Vietnam War and placed in a 5 X 5 cage in a Hanoi prison camp. Although confined physically, he took charge of his mental state.


Every single day for seven years, in his mind, he stepped onto a golf course. He visualized every detail of the course from the trees, winds, sounds and smells to hitting each stroke perfectly. When released, although physically weakened, he set out to play golf. He scored a 74 – twenty strokes below his usual game score.


Each of us have the power to visualize. In-fact, in every moment you are visualizing, perhaps unintentionally, through your mental focus. The secret is to intentionally visualize.


Take time each day to imagine a perfect picture of a specific area in your life such as job, family or health. Do it daily because the time, energy and focus you place on constructive visualizing is powerful and speeds the process to achieving the results you want.


Imagine you and your loved ones are safe and protected at all times – then extend that to all people. Imagine an effective vaccine on the market right now. Imagine all the first responders safe at all times. 


Unbridled imagination  and visualization is a child’s playground of creative activity. They don’t question if they can be a pilot when they grow up – they become one in the present moment. Your present moment is fertile ground for your future.


Soar high.