Alert: Radical Self-Care Needed

No doubt about it, the attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters was shocking, upsetting and difficult to process – no matter what your political leaning. We witnessed

A Simple Method for Practicing Self-Awareness

To meet the demands and challenges of 21st century, self-aware leaders are needed. That means leaders who have the willingness to look at their strengths and weakness. Not easy for a leader with a dominant ego or a fast-track lifestyle.

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

What Words Cannot Define

Imprints are different. You see and feel someone at a deeper level. A bit of their soul becomes engraved in yours. And in the dark times it lights your way. Their strength becomes yours. You never feel alone.

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

What Are You Chasing?

“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me.” ~ Rumi

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

Stressed at Work? – Go to the Cause.

Weed out your negative thoughts and feelings and you will transform your scattered energy into a strong focused energy. Your newfound self-awareness will result in clarity – a needed tool for every area of your life.

A Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

A New Breed of Leadership

This new breed of leadership understands the heart and soul of humanity. They lead from an inner strength guided by the collective moral compass. They know we’re in this together – all of us – united as one.