Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley


Energy is the power source behind every living thing. It is found in a variety of different forms such as electrical, mechanical, sound and chemical energy to name a few. Western society places a great deal of emphasis on the energy we receive from food and exercise and the physical affects they have on the body.


However, the foundation for managing your energy is your mind. Your mind is the basis for every choice you make, including what foods to eat, when and how to exercise – or not. Your state of mind affects the quality of your exercise. It affects how you feel after eating.  Your state of mind affects every aspect of your life.


Try this…


Think of something that makes you smile and gives you joy – perhaps a playful puppy. See it romping across the room chasing its ball then picking it up and running back to you wagging its tail. Feel its soft fur under your hand and its round belly. The more detail you add to this thought the more it raises your serotonin levels, known as the “feel good” hormone. Simply thinking about a puppy can increase your energy and put you in a positive frame of mind. 


Now think about how you feel when you are stressed at work over an important and daunting project staring you in the face with an urgent deadline looming. Your thoughts keep swirling around the complexity of the challenge before you. If you doubt your ability to accomplish it, you will begin to feel your energy being zapped. That’s when the energy gremlins can drain you to the core. 


When your confidence is rattled, your energy sinks along with your productivity and creativity. When you stop firing on all pistons you become vulnerable and therefore susceptible to emotional and mental blocks which only serve to prolong the agony of the entire situation.


Yet, you can become the master of your energy. This is accomplished through a steady assessment of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs so you can eliminate the ones that are holding you back and depleting your energy.


The clarity derived from this allows you to refuel and recharge your energy at any time. It gives you the opportunity to replace negative thoughts with life-affirming ones. Your steady focus and desire to sweep clean the floor of your mind prepares the foundation from which your goals and visions can emerge. 


Is this worth the effort? Absolutely. The quality of your energy affects everything you do. When challenges confront you and you are in control of your energy, you’re more likely to respond calmly and insightfully.


Lastly, realize that….


Your energy defines the quality of your unique individual expression.
Your energy combined with that of your stakeholders and employees defines your company.
The quality of your business depends on how well you manage, harness and direct its energy.


The above post is an excerpt from:
The Metaphysics of Business: A Practical Approach to Solving Complex Leadership Challenges. Amazon