Be Yourself

  Thomas Edison’s kindergarten teacher told his parents, “He’s an imbecile and unteachable.” Yet he left us with 1,093 patents for inventions that helped to change the world.   Richard […]

Transformational World Change

  I’m writing this on Thursday, November 5, 2020. The American presidential election has yet to be determined. Both sides of the fence are on edge – each believing that […]

You Are the Author of Your Life

  As an author I talk with many people who want to write a book. From memoirs and children’s books to non-fiction, sci-fi and romance novels. However, many people never […]

Solving 21st Century Challenges

The 21st century is presenting us with a multitude of disruptions. Are you and your teams prepared to address and meet the urgent challenges facing us?   What I know […]

Letting Go of Judgement

  Why do we judge ourselves and others? Because we get trapped in comparisons. Unfairly, even harshly we compare ourselves to others, often based on appearances. Someone is better-looking, more […]

Don’t Role the Credits Just Yet…

Be honest. How many times have you said, “Someday, I will…”?  How many incomplete projects do you have lying around? How many ideas fill your head but never see the […]

How to Find Calm in the Chaos

Yesterday I spoke with an agitated young woman in her 40’s who was highly disturbed by world events. Her state of mind was affecting her professional and personal life. She […]