Global Challenges and the Urgent Need for Insightful Leadership

The 21st century is presenting us with daunting global challenges. Daily we are confronted with a multitude of issues such as poverty, homelessness, immigration and racism. Healthcare, climate change and cybersecurity threats. The list goes on.


Change is no longer on the horizon. It’s swirling around us at a dizzying speed. Whether it’s a natural crisis or man-made, it’s a lot to deal with. The depths of the challenges confronting us often feel overwhelming and even insurmountable. They’re not. What then, is the answer? 


Simply put there are 2 critical things that need to take place…


 1) Innovative Problem Solving –  This entails bringing in new and original ideas. Ideas that are found beyond our intellect and ego. Ideas that emerge from higher ground, which means developing a conscious connection to the creative force of the universe. 

2) Compassion, Integrity and Supportive Collaboration –
Without these three ingredients, the most unique and brilliant idea can fail. Our challenges will remain unsolved and we will continue to be at odds with one another like boxers in a ring – each wanting to be acknowledged as the champion. Competitiveness must give way to cooperation.


The above 2 elements are developed on the path of self-awareness, which translates into self-responsibility…           


Leaders are urgently needed who understand this, practice this and take full responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. This is not mere “wouldn’t it be nice if.” No, this is recognizing that there is a dire need for leaders to step up to the plate and have the courage to look at themselves. The honesty to assess their weaknesses and strengths. The willingness to correct and change damaging behaviors. 


Globally we must come together with leaders who emerge fully grounded emotionally and intellectually. Leaders who hear the call to become the best version of themselves in order to lead us from conflict to resolution. In other words, we must grow up. As a country we have the opportunity before us to lead the way out of gridlock into progress.


The path of self-awareness is not about connecting to the higher principles that run the universe. It’s about raising your level of consciousness to recognize that you have always been connected. It’s about realizing that every living element of life is a part of this universal energy. 


With that understanding, you can use it to design,
direct and lead others to a new way of
life that
can transform the world.