Intuition is a Game Changer

Facts, statistics, resumes and smooth talkers can impress; influence and point you in the wrong direction. However, if you are consciously present and aware of your feelings it can override the external parade of showmanship and lead you to make the right decision.

A Simple Method for Practicing Self-Awareness

To meet the demands and challenges of 21st century, self-aware leaders are needed. That means leaders who have the willingness to look at their strengths and weakness. Not easy for a leader with a dominant ego or a fast-track lifestyle.

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

What Words Cannot Define

Imprints are different. You see and feel someone at a deeper level. A bit of their soul becomes engraved in yours. And in the dark times it lights your way. Their strength becomes yours. You never feel alone.

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

Smart Leaders Know How to Say “No”

Why is it so hard to say no?  It appears to be embedded in our DNA – to rescue, enable and save others – even if we’re drowning in the process.

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

Leaders Know War is High-risk – So is Peace

It’s time to choose new approaches to our challenges. We must lift ourselves out of ingrained and harmful patterns in order to heal our collective wounds. It’s time to embrace change and have the courage and willingness to do war and peace differently.