The Power of Collective Thought

The Fall of the Berlin Wall – November 9, 1989   When the movie The Secret came out in 2006, people watched it and became excited to learn that they […]

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The Key to Entrepreneurial Success

  Entrepreneurs are driven. They work relentlessly and rarely give up.  If knocked down by failure, they optimistically pop back up to build again. And again and again if necessary. […]

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

Are You Prepared to Lead in the 21st Century?

  The foundation for 21st century leadership excellence is self-awareness.  Once achieved, a leader has a clear perception and understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and emotions. It allows them […]

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Leaders and Revolutionary Risk

  A talented friend of mine was asked by her shrink to make the ugliest, most imperfect picture she could.The clock ticked away as her perfectionism dug in. As he tapped his […]

Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

4 Steps to Bring Your Vision to Life

    You have a vision – a compelling picture of what you want to achieve. You’ve carefully thought through every detail. It has purpose. It’s aligned with your company’s vision […]

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5 Steps to Finding Your Unique Path

Have you ever felt fearful that the direction for your life was hidden deep in the fog?   Are you having difficulty achieving and maintaining a clear vision for yourself when […]