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About Alzati Leadership Coaching


Hello I’m Susan Ann Darley.  Through Alzati Leadership Coaching and the Team Leadership Program, I work with leaders and teams in the fields of technology and the arts. I show them how to navigate the disruptions of the 21st century with skill and intuitive guidance. Through our time together they discover the powerful deep work that transforms individuals and organizations. 


How?  Through the inner journey. Through self-assessment. Through breakthroughs that result in outer mastery. This produces cutting edge leaders and teams who lead with compassion, integrity and awareness. 


The complexities of our world will be solved by leaders with laser focus. They’ll have the ability to set intention and visualize the results. Stable and strong they’ll be able to stay on track while being open-minded and flexible – adapting to change as needed.


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Imagine working every day to uplift others through your sense of humanity, social awareness and ability to solve problems. Imagine creating and implementing new projects, products, services and systems that meet the challenges before us.

 As insightful leaders, teams and artists, you will inspire
a depth of collective vision and change that will transform
lives and set the foundation for global unity.

Let’s Work Together…


  • Unify as a team
  • Envision the end result
  • Listen and trust your guidance
  • Take calculated risks
  • Remain calm at all times

Through our work together, you will gain clarity and benefit from increased
strategic thinking, heightened creativity and deeper insights.

Here's how you can work with me...

Team Leadership Program

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