A couple of days ago, I decided to end my journey with the written word. I was weary and admittedly whining. After over 30 years of writing, I thought, “why bother?” 


Following that proclamation, I received an email. Compelled to read the daily book excerpt it offered, I dove in. Immediately I was engaged, realizing I liked the writer and needed the advice being given. As I began the third paragraph, I had an epiphany – it was my book I had written 19 years ago. I read, “What have you done lately to nurture yourself, enhance your creativity and honor your soul?” That hit home.


Towards the end I read, “When the journey is too damn long and you’re too tired to care anymore, ask yourself, “What will be my legacy?” I thought of Stephen Spielberg when he was asked, “What will God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?” His simple answer was, “Thank you.”


To receive that answer, I must show up and do what’s in front of me to the best of my ability. Oh yeah, also knock off the whining.


How Far Have You Traveled?

I imagine farther than you think you have. Years ago I was hiking in the mountains by myself. The path twisted and turned the entire way – switchbacks they’re called. After two hours I thought when am I going to reach the top?


I finally arrived at a plateau from which I could look down. It was then that I realized I had cleared the mountain I began on and was now on the mountain above it. The view was spectacular.


Life is like that. We get to put one foot in front of the other. We can’t see around corners, therefore trusting our path is necessary if we want to move forward. So when your journey seems “too damn long,” rest along the way. Take time to nurture yourself, honor your talents and give some thought to your legacy.


You’re the only one who can write it.