Yesterday I spoke with an agitated young woman in her 40’s who was highly disturbed by world events. Her state of mind was affecting her professional and personal life. She was fearful and anxious to find immediate solutions to global challenges. She knew her thoughts were unrealistic but obsessively dwelled on them. 


Listening to her, I was reminded of a brilliant counselor who was so dedicated to her work that she kept her phone by her bed and took calls 24/7. She would say, “A need does not know a clock. I’m there for a person no matter what time it is.”


One day, when the Iraq war was raging – causing me to rage, I asked her how she stayed so undisturbed and focused on her work. She calmly looked up at me and said, “Dear, haven’t there always been wars?”


After our conversation I dreamt one night that she was giving me a shot with a huge needle. I woke up thinking what in the world? Then realized she was inoculating me – strengthening my immune system. Two days later I was the punching bag for two angry people. I mentally self-inoculated and refused to enter their drama.


We can become the calm in the eye of the storm. It takes practice but it’s worth it…for that is where world solutions are found.