What is staring you in the face that feels like your Mt Everest to climb? Talking to a friend the other night he shared how he’ll clean the gutters and even paint the living room to avoid doing what really needs to be done.


I’ve rarely met anyone who hasn’t admitted to doing the same. Yours truly included.  I’ll even do the rarest of chores such as ironing, which I dislike with a passion. We often avoid the mountain in front of us because it brings up our fears and doubts. Or simply because it’s hard.


Not long ago I asked a CEO what his secret to success is. He answered, “Every day I do the most difficult thing first because I want to end the day strong.” I then asked how does that make you strong?


He replied, “First, it puts things into perspective because once tackled I realize it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Second, my confidence soars and remains strong the rest of the day. No matter what the rest of the day brings, I’m on top of my game.”


Sound advice and I plan to apply it daily. Perhaps I’ll even toss my iron. How about you?


“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”
~ Sir Edmund Hillary