Are you experiencing high levels of uncertainty due to the current civil unrest and global pandemic?  If so, there is a way you can reduce your fears and accompanying anxieties. 


When I looked up the word “uncertainty,” I was taken back by the long list of negative synonyms that describe it. Words like confusion, distrust, doubt, anxiety, apprehension and confusion to name just a few.  


These words and the mindset they create can cause inner chaos during challenging times. They are emotionally disruptive and cloud the clarity needed to skillfully navigate the terrain ahead.


Think back to what life was like before COVID-19. How much certainty did you have each day? Life is unpredictable from day-to-day. Routines can be altered in a second. Death of a loved one. Loss of a job. Devastation from an illness or natural event. During those times we can crumble under the weight of fear or rise up to courageously meet the trial.


Walking with a friend one night, he asked this question, “What makes one person fall apart in a crisis and another calmly go through it?”


My thought is faith. For faith strengthens our belief in the unknown. It takes us beyond the concrete physical world into the higher realm of the universe. There you can connect with the overall intelligence that runs the bigger show.


Tapping into this energy you’ll begin to feel a sense of calm. It will give you a break from the dramatic challenges of the external world – a moment to breathe. It will elevate your thought and create a curious and broad-minded receptivity to inner wisdom and outer direction. To get there all you need to do is become quiet and breathe deeply. 


I’ve searched high and low and this is the only place where I have found certainty. 


I hope you seek it out.