More than 4 in 10 Americans are struggling with stress and anxiety reports the CDC. With the volatile political landscape, the fires and floods and the unstable economy, we find ourselves living with super-high levels of uncertainty.   The U.S. Census Bureau reports that one third of Americans show signs of clinical depression and anxiety. Considering the amount worldwide of human suffering it’s hard not to be overwhelmed.   So how can we protect ourselves and heal in order to become and remain healthy in an unstable world?   The only way out is up.  We need to go to higher ground. We have access to it but it takes strength. Is there a road map to get us there?   Yes. Go within and learn to listen to your inner wisdom. You will find a storehouse of knowledge and insight that will guide you through the rest of your life. Through both personal and external circumstances.   This means trust yourself. With practice, your intuition will become stronger as your trust in yourself grows.    A psychologist once asked her patient, “What is the opposite of anxiety?” Her patient answered with words such as “calm, peaceful, still.”   Her doctor replied, “No. The answer is trust.”    And that is a large part of our answer as we navigate uncharted territory.