Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

What Words Cannot Define

There’s a difference between making an impression and leaving an imprint.


Someone walks in a room and you immediately form an impression of the person. It can be based on their appearance or a feeling you have about them. Their loud voice or quiet demeanor. Our first impression of someone can lead us to form lasting opinions and judgments.


Imprints are different. It’s no longer you evaluating them. It runs deeper. It’s how they affect and can change you. No, not intentionally, but silently by who they are. Words cannot define them or describe them. And whether they stay in your life or briefly pass though, you’re changed in a profound way.


A bit of their soul becomes engraved in yours. And in the dark times it lights your way. Their strength becomes yours. You never feel alone.


If this sounds too far fetched to you, then it is. Although, you might want to pay closer attention to those who enter your life. Perhaps you have unwittingly entertained angels unaware.



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