A Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley   A New Breed of Leadership

  The 21st century calls for leaders that lead with empathy and awareness. Bold leaders at the front of global change who lead with their hearts as well as their heads.  Insightful leaders who understand the nature of feelings and know how to genuinely connect with people, regardless of differences.   Leaders are faced with making decisions everyday.  However, the more public their positions are, the more difficult it is to speak up for what they believe in.   We can do better. We will as more and more leaders step to the forefront and courageously stand up for their beliefs in the face of adversity.  We will when their fear of what others think is overcome by their will to be authentic and follow their guidance.   This new breed of leadership understands the heart and soul of humanity. They lead from an inner strength guided by the collective moral compass. They know we’re in this together – all of us – united as one. With strength of mind they will champion the cause and plight of the average citizen. They know that when you lift up one, you lift up all.   These perceptive leaders will be open to new methods and approaches to the challenges and problems ahead of us. Their adaptability and flexibility will allow them to navigate the turbulent waters of change. Emotional stability and a focused mindset will guide and steady others on the path of worldwide transformation.   There will be much resistance to their progressive and innovative thinking. But that will not and cannot deter them from their mission for they were born for the role and understand the script.  
“Create a compelling vision, one that takes people to a new place, and then translate that vision into a reality.” ~ Warren Bennis  

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