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Managing Stress

Are you dealing with burnout and high stress levels?
Do distractions continually interrupt your days?

When stress levels go up sustainable engagement goes down.
Communication is negatively affected by exhaustion and lack of insight into yourself and others. How you feel directly impacts how you perform. 


How do you feel when faced with an important project staring you in the face with an urgent deadline looming? Do your thoughts keep swirling around the complexity of the challenge before you? If you doubt your ability to accomplish it, you will begin to feel your energy being zapped.


When your confidence is rattled, your energy sinks along with your productivity and creativity. When you stop firing on all pistons you become vulnerable and therefore susceptible to emotional and mental blocks which only serve to prolong the agony of the entire situation. However, when you take the time to develop a strong personal foundation that allows you to navigate your life from within – you can successfully handle any challenge. How do you do that?

You do so by becoming the master of your energy, not a slave.


This is accomplished through a steady assessment of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs so you can eliminate the ones that are holding you back and depleting your energy. That’s not the first thing people normally think of when their colleague is sending their stress level through the roof. But here’s the deal – your stress is not created by others. It’s created from you; therefore you begin with yourself.   


When you weed out the negative thoughts and feelings you will transform your scattered energy into a strong focused energy. Your newfound self-awareness will result in clarity. Clarity is essential for maintaining a calm and steady approach on the issue at hand no matter what the challenge. It allows you to refuel and recharge your energy at any time, under any circumstance. 


Is this worth the effort? Absolutely. The quality of your energy affects everything you do. When challenges confront you and you are in control of your energy, you’re more likely to respond calmly and insightfully. And guess what? Your energy affects those around you. Therefore, those around you most likely will respond differently to you.


When you effectively manage your personal energy, your personal influence will become stronger. You will then know how to distance yourself from a problem so you can view it from a different perspective. You will then intuitively know how to resolve challenging business relationships, conflicts and stalemates.


And always remember…

  • Your energy defines your unique individual expression.
  • Your energy combined with that of your stakeholders and employees defines your company.
  • The quality of your business depends on how well you manage, harness and direct its energy.

The above post is an excerpt from my book:

The Business of Metaphysics: A Practical Approach to Solving Complex Leadership Challenges of the  21st Century. Available on Amazon.


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