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Self-awareness is the bridge between your external and internal world leading to a conscious connection to the deepest part of you. It is there that you will discover for yourself – your truth. Once you own it all the false lies and harmful assumptions from the past will begin to fade away.


What appears before you as a difficulty, is now a welcomed challenge to be met and solved through the creative use of your mind. When you listen to your internal intuition, you will find that you are guided every step of the way towards the best solution for all involved. Your part is to go within, to listen, to act and trust.


Practical Applications for Business


With dedicated practice and the willingness to increase your self-awareness and develop your intuition, you can achieve numerous benefits that will positively impact your leadership proficiency and your ability to meet every challenge.


Such as:  Making consistent beneficial decisions  – Maintaining a calm demeanor in a crisis  –  Proficient listening skills  – Remaining stress free – Acting with clarity and focused attention –  Not being derailed by “difficulties” –  Heightened concentration –  Sharper negotiation skills
– Calming influence on others – Deeper insight into challenges –  Open to possibilities – Discovering beneficial solutions


When you have developed the ability to go deeper and go higher within yourself, you will find a safety zone from the difficulties of life. Your perception and attitude will welcome all challenges, knowing that, no matter what, they can be successfully met with inner resolve and vision.


“To be tested is good. The challenged life may be the best therapist.” -Gail Sheehy


Excerpt from The Metaphysics of Business,
Chapter 12: All Difficulties Begin and End with Your Mind



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