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Breaking Free… 


The 21st century has and will continue to turn our lives upside down and inside out. There is a purpose for this.


It’s to expose our moral shortcomings that we cleverly attempt to hide. Our insecurities that we  attempt to disguise with pride, arrogance, lies and a false sense of power. The human side of our nature that feeds on fear.


No one is exempt. Presidents, CEOs, dictators, teachers, doctors, artists, young adults and seniors – age or status doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we begin to look at our defects of character, individually and collectively. That is not fun. It’s not easy to stop pointing our finger at others and clean up our own act. It can be painful and embarrassing.


Change is challenging and resistance formidable. That’s why it takes a crisis to create change. It takes a seismic jolt to free us from the chains of our limitations. Yet in the eye of the storm lies the seed for growth. It’s our wake-up call propelling us forward. An opportunity to bring out the best in us.


Plunged deep into a crisis, we eventually realize that the only way to end our personal Armageddon is to let go. To let go of selfishness, jealousy, greed, hatred, resentment, worry, one-way attitudes and a host of other destructive behaviors.


A crisis is an opportunity to recognize and gain a better understanding of  life. It helps us to discover our purpose – as an individual, a country and globally.<


Never wallow in a crisis….


Seize it.



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