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 Necessary Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs


Whether you are a CEO, a leader of a cause or a self-leader, you are the entrepreneur of your life. You are the builder, organizer, manager and decision-maker. You can consult experts on specific issues, garnering wisdom and knowledge from their long-term experience, but ultimately you are in charge.


Even when it doesn’t feel like it – you are. By your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions you are the master builder. If you love every aspect of your life then read no further. However, if there are areas you’d like to improve upon or change, keep reading.


A few characteristics of entrepreneurs are creativity, motivation, versatility, open-mindedness and future-oriented. They’re passionate, yet pragmatic. They know their future is in their hands so they’re grounded, focused and clear regarding their vision. Are you?


The 3 Necessary Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs:


Clarity means you have crystal clear vision. You see clearly where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go. You can internally visualize and define the details of what you’re going to build.


Focused means you can zero in like a laser beam on the task at hand. Your level of concentration is high as you become immersed in your project. You monitor your thoughts and words. You weed out negative beliefs. You act with integrity and principled intentions. 


Grounded means you are well-balanced, emotionally and mentally stable. You walk with “both feet on the ground.” No fooling around for you. You are a sensible realist who gets the job done.


If you develop these three attributes, regardless of obstacles, you can become the master builder of your life. The philosopher, Yasuhiko Kimura, says:


“The entrepreneur’s business is their artwork.
The creation of business is as creative as any creation in art.
In fact, building a business may be the most creative human activity.”


An insightful interpretation of an entrepreneur. However, I would take it further.


Building your life is the most creative act your will ever do. It involves more than
brick and mortar. It is a testament to your unique expression and purpose.
It is your artistic creation. Therefore, build a masterpiece.


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