Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley   The feeling that we are “less than or more than” stems from our egos. It’s the father of all lies. It ties us to a mediocre life filled with the fear that we are not enough or the illusion that we are better than others. It robs us of our authenticity.   Underlying these two beliefs is the feeling that we don’t measure up to an imaginary standard set by others or ourselves. Both roles are ruled by false impressions of who you are. You have bought into lies and smear tactics stemming from insecure people and once you believe them, you repeat the narrative to yourself – over and over.   However, there is a deep part of you that knows and feels the truth of your being. It’s the part that is inspired and uplifted through the encouragement of another. The part that is passionately moved by a movie, music, nature, beauty, kindness and love. It takes you beyond personality and touches your soul. It gives you strength, peace, courage and the will to improve your life.   It showers you with the truth of your being as you shed the “less than/more than” syndrome. And more importantly, it will give you freedom beyond measure to live a purposeful, fulfilled and inspirational life unencumbered by guilt, doubts and fears.   Excerpt from The Metaphysics of Business, Chapter 12: All Difficulties Begin and End with Your Mind    

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