Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley  Breaking Free of the Creativity Myth

  Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was recently interviewed in a town hall in Chicago. Kara Swisher, co-founder of Recode said to him, “One of the things that I hear a lot about in Silicon Valley if you’re not creative, you’re not going to have a job; that they’ll be replaced by a computer and somebody – either by A.I. or automation or something like that.”   She stated a common fear many people share. How and where will they fit in? Can they acquire new skills? Are they creative? The simple and definitive answer is yes.   As humans we have a strange way of classifying ourselves. We love to categorize with files, labels and boxes. You go in the blue box and I go in the red one. We have boxes for creative people and boxes for non-creative people.   This system is crazy, archaic and plain wrong. Personally, I have never met a non-creative person. The saying, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck,” leads us to believe in false assumptions. Because of our outdated “people filing system” and false assumptions, there are millions or billions of people who do not believe they’re creative. Even many who practice the arts often have trouble identifying as creative people.  

We are the Embodiment of Creativity

  Each and every single person. We may have different influences, strengths, leanings, aptitudes and skills, but our ability to create is innate. We are born with it. You can be in any profession and go into new ones and your creative gene accompanies you.   The #1 requirement for using it is awareness of your thoughts, words and actions. For it is through them that you creatively shape your life. If your job calls for problem-solving skills, then you go higher and deeper in your conscious awareness to bring forth new and original ideas.   If this sounds strange or too out of the ordinary, think about this. The things of the material world are simply ideas in form. Someone thought them before they came into existence. Why not you?   Never fear the future nor let it darken today. You have everything you need to adapt to whatever changes take place in your life and the world at large. Your deep-rooted creativity is your personal power that can lift you above all your challenges and pave the road ahead with new opportunities.  

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