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As we venture farther into the uncharted territory of the 21st century, the need for intuitive leaders is great. The demand for new, unique and original ideas is staring us in the face as we are challenged as never before to solve our humanitarian problems.


You can begin to hear your guidance by shifting your attention away from the external world to within yourself. With your willingness to let go of the concrete props of the material world, new doors will open that lead the way to self-knowledge and deeper insights. This process strengthens your intuitive nature, which powerfully affects your life in every single moment.


Walking the Intuitive Path

The inward path leading to self-awareness and intuition is not programmed with red and green lights telling you when to stop or go. The journey within becomes a trust issue and along the way you begin to recognize and understand your personal signs and symbols. The path will ask that you have the courage to test the waters, the courage to share and the courage to fail. And with practice you will develop the ability to accurately sense and trust your inner guidance.


The first and foremost step toward developing your intuition is to let your feelings guide you. Ask yourself, “Does this feel right?” Then ask it again and again with each step forward you take.  Let your feelings override your intellect. This does not mean your intellect is being kicked to the side, never to be used or valued again. It simply means that you are no longer placing it on a pedestal as the only source of valuable information.


Four Simple Steps for Developing Your Intuition 

1) Quiet Your Mind and Unwind: Every day spend quiet time alone in a calming and peaceful environment.  No iPads, iPhones, computer or electronic devices designed to connect you to others.


2) Create White Space: Take slow deep breaths as you go within. You’re creating white space – clearing the path to the door of inner receptivity. Remain there for 5 minutes.


3) Ask for Guidance: For assistance, answers, direction – whatever you need. The first thought you have is often the right one.


4) Listen: Write it down. Trust it. If it requires action, commit to taking it.


Your intuition is a valuable tool for problem solving. A developed intuitive nature opens the door to heightened creativity and innovation. As a leader, your intuition will give you the ability to discern and see between the lines. You will know the direction to move in, be able to express it clearly and stand strong with conviction.


“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.” 
~Henri Poincare,  mathematician and theoretical physicist 


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