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Recently while hiking with a friend I spotted beautiful red berries hanging on a tree limb off the cliff.  Thinking out loud, I said, “I wish I could fly out there and pick those berries.”


My friend rolls her eyes and gives me a look like “Oh brother, has she got a lot to learn.” She casually says, “Let them come to you.”


She was right… and I’m still learning.


For many of us our tendency in life is to “go after it.”  We expend tons of energy in the rush to meet our goals. We fall under the illusion that the busier we are and the more we do, the more we accomplish. And when we do accomplish through brute force we often pay the price of increased stress and poor health.


I’ve learned there is a simpler way. It’s to use your mind to make life’s difficult challenges far easier. Before you put your throttle at full speed use your mental energy first.


Example: I fight to take my gasoline cap off every time I fill up. The fight comes to a halt when I remind myself to mentally see it off. Then it effortlessly glides off. Why? Because everything is energy and you can use your mind to direct it wherever you want it to go.


What is a task that you struggle with?  Before you tackle it or while you’re in the midst of the battle, mentally see it accomplished.


Once after a fierce windstorm, I gathered broken limps and debris and placed them on the street by the curb. Later that day a neighbor told me the city would not pick them up. I knew I had pictured them gone so I went back to check. Not a twig was left and the street was swept clean.


To use the power of your mind is the most practical and effective tool you’ll always have at your disposal.  It’s just a matter of remembering to use it.


You don’t need to study the deep mysteries of life or understand complex theories. When you catch yourself complaining or whining about a problem – stop and mentally change your thought process. Stay vigilant and direct your focus toward a positive outcome.


“A power and intelligence greater than you and yet one with you in essence takes over.
There is no decision-making process anymore; spontaneous right action happens and
you are not doing it.” ~Eckhart Tolle


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