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Our children are the leaders of our future…

Donald Treffinger, a leading theorist in the field of creativity, believes that for many children, a major source of criticism and a barrier to self is “right answer fixation.” That is when children are criticized for ideas that are out of the ordinary or different.   We live in a world of standardized tests, where there is only one “right” answer. “Right answer fixation” ultimately leads children to take fewer risks — creative risks, out-of-the-box thinking. Their ability to produce a solution suffers. This can be prevented if creativity is nurtured in kids at a young age. Below are a few original ideas from innovators and educators.  

6 Great Ideas to Help Nurture Creativity in Our Children:

  1) Love & Listen: Sounds strange? Peter Reynolds, a best-selling author and advocate for “off the path” learners, says, “The most powerful tool we have to help students realize their true potential is love.” He suggests that through the “humanly exquisite act of listening” we can change a life — even save a life. 2) Leadership: Reynolds believes that connection is the key to cultivating creativity. We need “brave leaders who can invent the future with their staff and with the next generation.” Those who dare to go beyond the bounds of convention.   3) Environment: Create an open-minded environment. Allow and teach kids how to listen to others and to themselves, exploring new ideas and possibilities that lead to problem solving. 4) Adapt: Chris Matier, a writer and specialist in education, suggests adapting to students’ ideas rather teaching that there is only one way.   5) Non-judgmental: “Accept unusual ideas from your students by suspending judgment of their divergent problem-solving,” Matier says.   6) Humor: Creativity and humor are linked. Encourage it. Humor loosens the hold of the intellect, which can restrict playfulness and out-of-the-box thinking. The education we give our kids today can’t possibly anticipate the information and skills they’ll need years down the road. But as educator and creativity expert Ken Robinson points out, “If they have the tools to be creative and to innovate, they will have a much better chance of succeeding no matter how the world changes.”   Every child is naturally creative.  

…Let’s keep it that way.

  “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf  

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