Alzati Leadership Coaching Blog by Susan Ann Darley  Visions Require Risk, Faith & Courage

  Whether you lead a Fortune 500 company or self-lead, you have a responsibility to honor yourself, your talents, your dreams and to bring your vision to life.  You’ll be challenged as never before but you’ll experience inner peace with each bold step you take.   That is because your life will feel purposeful and useful as you take action toward making your vision becoming concrete. The greatest challenge in doing this is having a fair amount of faith to see it through – with no guarantees. And yes, you will be tested. Richard, an entrepreneurial friend of mine with a growing business, decided that it was time to increase the amount he was charging for his services. This was his cliff to jump off – his act of faith. Except the phone rang. It was a former client who refused to honor his new rate. Out of fear he took the job. The next day he received a call from a new prospect. One who was happy to pay his new rate, except now he couldn’t take it. He was stuck in the old pattern, with nothing but regrets.  

Moral of the Story

  Wherever you are, whenever you have moments of clarity and you know what to do next – push the “save” button and do it. Resist the temptation to slip back into your comfortable, yet worn out shoes.  

The problem with an act of faith is that there is no guarantee upfront. Letting go is challenging. It’s like the trapeze artist who must let go of one bar before catching the other. For a brief moment there is nothing to hold on to. Being suspended in midair without any props is scary. But so is dying with your vision still inside of you.

  Do you have a dream that needs to be re-energized? Are you willing to take a leap of faith to follow it?  Believe in yourself, your vision. Pour your heart and soul into it. Courageously work to bring it to life.   The world needs it and so do you.  

Risk dissolves the chains of mediocrity… That is an art to aspire to.


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