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Who or what is following you?


The “shadow side” of our personality is often referred to as our problem behaviors, negative thoughts and dark moods. Some people spend years running from them, yet they follow them endlessly.  That is, until they are closely examined and worked through. If not, the baggage of our past shows up as our present.


The weight of our baggage is filled every lie, criticism and put down that has ever been thrown our way. It has created a foundation that supports low self-esteem, a host of insecurities and even self-hatred. This platform becomes a slippery slope and is difficult to rise above because we believe these negative aspects reflect who we are. We then begin to harshly judge and compare ourselves to others.


Overtime, with constant reinforcement, we begin to believe that others are more talented, intelligent, appealing, capable and loving than we are. This only serves to kindle the fire under our insecurities and reinforce destructive emotions and beliefs.


The truth is that the “shadow side” has nothing to do with your essence – the truth of your being. Think of every species that has lived on this planet – every single plant, animal and person. Did any one species come in labeled good or bad, wrong or right, hateful or loving?

From the seed of life itself, each new form of life comes in with intrinsic value and worth. And no matter what, no one can alter the miracle and mystery of life, which is pure, sound and incorruptible. That is your truth.


Letting go…


When you let go, your personal growth is no longer a struggle or forced.  Negative beliefs and influences begin to fade away naturally as you discover and witness the beauty of life. Outer appearances can no longer mesmerize or fool you. That’s when you can step out of the shadow and shed the burden that falsely encumbered you.


That is when you understand that the light at the end of the tunnel, all along, was you.


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