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The Power of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are the paint brushes of your life. Perhaps it’s time for a refresh or remodel? What do you envision? Your thoughts color the images you hold in your mind. Become the guardian of your thoughts. Begin to create positive and nurturing images.


Think of your thoughts as discordant or harmonious. How do you feel when you hear grating and jarring sounds for a long period of time? It’s highly uncomfortable. When you catch a discordant thought either delete it or neutralize it. 


How do you feel when you hear harmonic and pleasing sounds? Studies have shown that certain types of music can speed healing, improve moods and reduce stress and health risks. Your thoughts can too but it’s up to you to be vigilant and sweep out the harmful ones.


Begin to filter out careless and negative thoughts. Many are habitual but you can break the pattern as you replace them with healthy and supportive thoughts. Then watch as your world begins to correspond.


Management of Your Thoughts

To become mindful of your thoughts, slowdown so you can catch and prevent habitual and reactive thoughts. This will help you to become more thoughtful and careful in all your undertakings. Your overall outlook will improve and your relationships with others as well. Replacing your negative thought patterns with positive ones will shift your worldview and allow you to manage your business with a greater depth of insight.


You will begin to achieve a greater sense of clarity. What used to be vague will become clear. You will reap the rewards as you begin to move from shallow surface waters into calm deep waters. Personality reactions will give way to a strong and steady foundation that supports your new strength of mind rooted in patience and understanding.


Remember… You and you alone have the power to change your thoughts. That means you need to be dedicated, disciplined and aware. All worth the effort, for as a result of this practice, you can improve every aspect of your life.


“A man cannot directly choose his circumstances,
but he can choose his thoughts, And so indirectly,
yet surely, shape his circumstances.” ~James Allen


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