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Get a Handle On Your Fears

Let’s face it, our fears can give us sleepless nights, cause anxiety and a heap of other troubles. Unfortunately, stress levels globally seem to be going up – intensifying our fears. And an outbreak of fear can be worse than that of a deadly disease.

If you’re dealing with fear of any kind, here are a few ways to lessen its grip.

  First, make friends with your fear. It has appeared for a reason. It’s your job to figure out why, therefore, see it as a place to explore. What lesson is it teaching you?   Make peace with the unknown. See it as an adventure. When we go beyond our comfort zone our awareness increases. We become more alert and alive.   Are you faced with a terrifying challenge? Be the champion you are – tackle it!   While in the grasp of fear, see the best in yourself and others – no matter what. The only way to bring out the best in them is to be your best.    Does your fear cause you to feel victimized? Then smash it as hard as you can while shouting NO!  No More! Perhaps not the friendliest method but sometimes necessary.   Remember one last thing. The most important. Go higher. The entire universe is working on your behalf. Ask it for help, direction, guidance, a healing or whatever you need. Then listen for the answer because…   It always has your back.  

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