Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley     Three Ways to Bring Your Ideas to Life

  Why do we hesitate to bring our ideas to life?   The simple answer is fear. It’s not from lack of imagination, for each of us carry an abundance of ideas that swim through our minds daily. Some are based on basic needs such as deciding to go to the market or fill up our cars.  Some are more abstract and fall into the realm of philosophical, theoretical and intellectual thinking. Others are sparked and fueled through our creative nature.   Our minds are connected to the vast realm of possibilities. Endless possibilities filled with elements that generate deeper insights into life. Possibilities that meet the needs of the moment – ranging from our personal needs to those of humanity. Possibilities that supply us with solutions to all our challenges. Yet when we have a good idea our fear often stops it in its track. There are many reasons for this. We fear initiating new and original ideas because of rejection or being criticized. Leaders often fear losing power, position and favor. We hesitate because of uncertainty. There are no guarantees that it will work, or people will like it…or even like us once it’s revealed.   In the world of business many of us have carefully constructed an image of who we are. Our public persona, which is a visual portrayal of how we want others to see us, rules. The thought of it cracking and letting others see beyond it is scary. Why? Because to present an original idea to the world is to expose our inner self. Another way to say it, is that by speaking up, your unique creative expression is laid bare for others to see. This is highly uncomfortable for many people.  

Ways to breakthrough the barriers of fear and self-doubt 

  Alzati-LeadershipCoaching by Susan Ann Darley 1) Become Your Own Hero – be brave. As an actor would do, develop a new persona. Champion your cause by standing strong and speaking out. See it as simply another role you’re taking on in the play of your life. What does your character need – playfulness, strength, persuasiveness or compassion?   2) Have No Regrets – see the big picture. Don’t miss an opportunity to give back to the world which freely gives you so much. Look at the magnificence that is all around to inspire you – the beauty and wonder of nature, oceans, sunsets, stars, etc. What if it held back or shut down? We would miss it, just as we’ll miss you if you don’t speak up.   3) Drop All Judgment – instead be curious. When you’re open-minded it clears the path of creativity leading to the flow of imagination. Walk down it and contemplate your idea. When you speak up hand the mic to your muse. He or she will do just fine.   Also, you might want to memorize the following quote by Wayne Gretzky, Hall of Fame hockey player:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


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