Alzati-Leadership Coaching by Susan Ann Darley  Tired of Working Out? Then Think if Out!


Science is now teaching us how our thoughts affect our brain.  Neuroscience shows us that our brain is not “hardwired” but can alter itself and create new neural pathways as it adapts to our thoughts, perceptions and experiences. We can literally create new patterns that support positive behaviors and habits – overriding the ingrained harmful ones.


Most importantly it reveals that we are not hapless victims of the physical world. This groundbreaking information empowers us to take charge of our thoughts, words, emotions and beliefs in order to excel as never before. With clear and steady focus, we can think our way out of many of our physical, emotional and mental challenges. 


Ask yourself

If your thoughts have the power to physically alter your brain, then wouldn’t that mean they can affect every organ and aspect of your body??


The science of epigenetics, the study of genes… currently allows us to entertain new realms of understanding as it shows us how our thoughts and beliefs can change our biology. Where we once thought that our genes determined our biological fate, we now are beginning to see how our conscious awareness and self-directed thoughts can affect our physiology and improve our lives immeasurably.


Many people have dismissed the idea that our thoughts possess the power to change the world around us – be it our physical bodies or circumstances. However, more and more science supports the premise that they do.


Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, creators of Asap SCIENCE YouTube Channel, tell of an experiment in which two groups practiced the piano for 2 hours a day. One group physically played it and the other group mentally played it. After three days both groups had the exact same accuracy.


Another experiment involved two groups of people who worked to strengthen their muscles. One group physically. The other group mentally. After four weeks the physical group strengthened them by 30%. The mental group by 22%.


Whenever you feel stuck or in limbo, remember that you have the power within you to move forward in life. You have the power to overcome life’s challenges and to change patterns established in your past that are harmful or no longer useful. You have the power to re-create your life through the power of your mind. Science is now teaching us that it’s so.


“The whole of science is nothing more than
a refinement of everyday thinking.”
~Albert Einstein


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