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Own Your Personal Power

Until you realize and understand your personal power, it’s easy to remain caught in the web of human drama – whether your own or others.


The feeling of intensity derived from chaos can lead to a mind wired for drama and even addiction. If you suggest to such a person to meditate or practice deep breathing, they’ll rebel and state, “It’s boring.”


Where Does Your Focus Lie?

Why does a person focus on tragedy and the harmful elements of life? Because they have not consciously felt the intense feelings of joy and serenity, which are buried beneath the drama. Our earthly drama is manufactured by us and is usually prompted by fear. Joy and serenity are innate qualities that we are here to unearth.


It’s difficult at times to pull ourselves away from an intense movie or book. But at least we know it’s fiction as we immerse ourselves in the adventure. A drama king or queen reads all aspects of life as non-fiction, which can end up as a dark and dangerous pit-hole of their own making.


The Uphill Climb

Discovering your personal power is part of your journey. However, it’s a choice. Not to entice you, but the benefits include:


  • Clear and focused thought
  • Ability to overcome character flaws
  • Inability to be derailed by distractions
  • The ability to work with higher law
  • Freedom from judgment
  • Understanding of the human condition
  • Handling all challenges with calmness


Appealing – yes! However, these benefits are not something handed to you on a plate. Like anything worthwhile, you have to work for them. Not a problem you say – until the road becomes a mountain with a fierce downward gale of wind that slows your pace.


Meet the collective thought-force, which is made up of the majority of people going downhill. Your job is to breakthrough this ancient and negative force.



We fight for our freedom with external weapons. We injure, kill and torture. We fight hard for land, prestige and power. Yet the victory remains hollow as we continue to be ruled by our fears.


To move beyond them we must go within. There we will find inner peace and freedom. A freedom that can be found whether we’re confined in a prison cell or at the mercy of a dictator. 


There our consciousness will stretch beyond the limits of this world to connect with higher levels of thought and deeper levels of feeling. Our newfound awareness will reveal bold new revelations, insights and ideas.


There and only there are we free.   


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