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Your intuition is the most important tool you have to navigate through times of uncertainty. Have you ever made a decision, acted on it and regretted it later? Like sometimes in the heat of the moment when emotions run high? Or you hear a parents’ voice nagging at you to do something you feel is wrong for you? Or your best friend convinces you not to seek a career change you’re dying to make?   It takes courage to stand alone. It takes inner strength to trust yourself – especially when challenged by others. Yet, whether you’re a CEO or self-lead, learning to develop and trust your intuition is the path of freedom.   Your life path becomes lighter, easier. Worries and fears lessen their grip on you. Walking through your life becomes more comfortable as you trust and follow your instincts. No more shoes that pinch. They now fit perfectly – they’re yours.   No matter what your circumstance or how your life looks, you know you’re in the right place. That’s a comforting feeling, no matter how much you’re challenged.  

3 Steps to Help You Develop Your Intuition

1) Listen to your body. When making a decision, ask yourself what feels right. Western society conditions us to live from the neck up. That’s counter intuitive. As my friend says, as she points to her head – “Bad neighborhood.”   2) Ask for your next step. All too often we race ahead, way too far into the future. That’s when our worries and fears take over. A study of 1,200 seniors showed that their biggest regret was spending so much time worrying. Worries cast shadows. So seek the clarity of the step in front of you – then take it. The repeat the process. Simple.   3) Pay attention to your dreams. Take time to jot them down. A few words can pull them back into memory. Many inventions, creative ideas and next steps are disclosed at that level.  

Intuition Reveals the Richness of Life

Intuition sets the stage for your unique life play. It lifts the curtain, unveiling your life’s purpose. However, instead of dimming the theater lights, it brightens them.     Equally important, it gives you information you will never find in a book. Above all, intuitive insights will consciously connect you with universal understanding – enriching your life experience beyond measure.   

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.” ~Alan Alda


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