The Road Ahead – How to Avoid the Potholes


Would you like to simplify your life? Glide down smooth roads – no potholes. What if you could use your well-paved road to reach higher levels of creativity, problem-solve and bring in new and innovative ideas?


It’s possible. But first I’ll explain why I’m an expert on bumpy roads. Years ago in the dream state I found myself in an empty train car speeding down the tracks. With my fists madly beating on the door, I was screaming over and over, “Let me out.”


As I was suspended in midair with my feet solidly pressing and pushing the door, (gotta love dreams) my pounding and shouting was interrupted by a voice that simply said, “Use the door handle.”


Why do I share this? To emphasize my life path, which has mainly been – how to overcome self-created difficulties.


The secret I use to pave smooth roads…

In one word my secret is metaphysics. One single word that confuses many so I’ll do my best to demystify it. The online Urban Dictionary explains it as “seeing something from a higher perspective (self-awareness).”


In my opinion that nails it. When you walk the path of self-awareness, which means paying attention to your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions, it leads to an understanding of metaphysical principals.


Look at it this way…

Physics is the science of energy and matter and how they relate to each other. Metaphysics is the science of energy and matter and how they relate to the mind. Our mind is the element of us that enables us to be aware of our world and our experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.


That is self-awareness. And it’s the path of self-awareness that connects us with the higher laws of the universe. When we consciously align with them, we can use our mind to pave smooth roads, to avoid potholes and even glide over them when they appear.


Going home…

Going home is an expression often used when walking the path of self-awareness. Our connection with ourselves, each other and the universe strengthens and reminds of us of our roots. The higher we go the more connected, grounded and peaceful we become.


 We begin to solve complex problems by tapping into higher pools of creativity. Moreover, no matter how daunting the road ahead of us appears, we know we can successfully meet each new challenge with our newfound awareness.