Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

What Are You Choosing?

The last 10 minutes of your life are gone – what did you choose?

  There is a theory that your past, present and future are bound as one intricate stream of your entire life. What you choose in this moment affects your whole journey. That means, in every moment, you have the opportunity to heal the past, to nurture the present and build the future.   An all-in-one design. Picture your entire life stretched on a fluid canvas of colors, sounds, thoughts and aspirations. Right now you are intimately affecting your individual lifetime work-of-art. The overall design is in your hands.   What are you filling your canvas with? Is your past ruling your choices? Are your heavy-handed judgments of yourself affecting the design? Or fears of your future? If so, you can make better choices. Only you can.   Choose carefully…the choices you make today will affect your entire legacy.  

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