The Gift of Uncertainty by Susan Ann Darley Discover the Gift of Uncertainty

  We live in challenging times filled with uncertainty. The world is complex and filled with too much fear, hatred and violence. Our lives have become cluttered with a proliferation of information, products and choices that can overwhelm us. Instead of stepping to the side to observe a situation, we’re all too often swept up by the drama and become part of the problem.   Terrorists, wars and a host of hot-button issues fill our thoughts daily through the widespread influence of the media. Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality for many. Credit cards still tease us as an easy solution. I could fill pages with the challenges we face, but you know them personally.   How do we find peace of mind in volatile and unpredictable times? There is only one way I know of that works 100% of the time. That is to consciously connect to the basic principles that govern the universe. There you will find a world that operates in perfect order and harmony. There you will discover certainty.  

Easier said than done?

  Yes, because it requires strength of mind, body and spirit to choose a higher path. It requires surrender and the relinquishing of the ego that believes it is the throne of intelligence, power and creativity. It requires a humble spirit that bows in awe of grace that bestows us the privilege of experiencing universal intelligence, power and creativity to flow through us.   Yet this is the gift of uncertainty for it ultimately leads you to the only certainty that exists. You’ll recognize it by your newfound peace of mind. No external circumstance can alter its presence. It will serve as your bedrock foundation and security for the rest of your life.   “Everything we are currently experiencing in our lives comes about to assist us in evolving to a higher level of consciousness. Even what we now perceive as bad, sad, negative or upsetting is here to assist us in seeing life in a more peaceful, forgiving and loving way.”  ~James Blanchard Cisneros  

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