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Whether presenting to CEOs, organizations or students, Susan's message centers around the creative use and power of the mind.

How to use it to enhance leadership effectiveness, problem solve, manage energy and tap into inner resources.


Susan shares in simple terms how our conscious awareness and focused intention can be used to meet all our challenges. 
From the simplest act to a complex task, with the creative use of our mind, life becomes easier. She shows how the skillful use of our mind allows us to turn ideas into action, problem solve and rise above the drama of life to streamline our personal and professional lives.

Team Leadership Program

Alzati Leadership Program

     Use the Power of Your Mind to…

Explore Opportunity     Ignite Creativity    Empower Your Team

Learn how to:   Quiet and slow down/ Reduce mind clutter/ Find higher ground/ Unify and join forces/Generate ideas/ Problem-solve/ Trust your intuition/ Bring your vision to life         

Course Description: Connection/Creativity/Collaboration is a 3-hour program that empowers teams to elevate their thinking process. To solve problems at a higher level. This opens the door to heightened creativity bringing forth insights that generate bold ideas. Creative problem-solving becomes a team effort based on client need. This program is interactive as it challenges our thinking/feeling nature and cultivates curiosity. Each workshop is adapted to the needs of the team.                                 


To inquire or schedule a program 
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"Susan is an energetic teacher who passionately
connects with others. Her humor and wisdom shine through."
 ~Robin Rector Krupp, Artist, Author & Educator

 "Your class was engaging and thought-provoking. Your no-nonsense
approach is far from structured lectures. Thank you for breaking down
complex theories into practical everyday steps."
~Phillip H., Mental Health Professional