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Whether I’m presenting to CEO’s, organizations or students, my message centers around the power of the mind.

How to use it to enhance leadership effectiveness, problem solve, manage energy and tap into inner resources.


How conscious awareness can be used to meet all challenges - allowing you to turn ideas into action, handle problems and develop skills that streamline the running of your professional and personal life.

With each speaking engagement, my goal is to tap into the heart and soul of the audience - capturing their attention and enthusiasm.

I am passionate about my message and deliver it in an easy-going and informal presentation style.


Sample Topics:

Challenges of 21st Century Leadership

Wired for Empathy

So You're Different – Get Over it

Lead with Your Mind

Champion Your Cause – Take a Risk


The announcement below was for
a talk I gave to a women’s organization.


Are you ready for new beginnings?  What or who is stopping you?

Susan Ann Darley will be speaking on “The Power to Create” – your goals, your vision, your life. She will share personal empowerment techniques and show you how to change limiting beliefs to improve all aspects of your life.
Can life be simple in a complex world?  Absolutely. Learn where your true power lies and how to effectively use it in all circumstances.

Join us July 14th and learn the ABC’s of life…

How to Act from positive Belief with bold Confidence!


Each presentation I give is fined-tuned and adapted to the specific needs of the group.

Call 805-744-9174 to schedule a presentation

"Susan is an energetic speaker who passionately connects
with her audience. Her humor and compassion shine through."
 ~Robin Rector Krupp, Artist, Author & Educator

 "Your talk was engaging and thought-provoking. It recharged and inspired
me to work on my self-made roadblocks. I've begun working on my book
with renewed dedication to finish it in six months. Thank you!"

Phillip H., Mental Health, Assistant Director