Alzati-LeadershipCoaching by Susan Ann Darley

Can I tell you how many leaders do not believe that they have the creative gene? 
Far too many. The truth is I’ve never met a person who wasn’t creative.  Unfortunately, the world has an over-abundance of “closet creatives.”


The crux of the problem is that many people feel that in order to be creative they must be able to paint, sing, compose, write or accomplish a number of other so-called artistic endeavors. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you’re on the planet you’re creative.


Creativity is an expression of who you are as an individual. It’s not a skill. It’s the life force flowing through you out into the world through your thoughts, words, tone, feelings, attitude. An artist sits at an easel preparing to create a picture. You wake up each day with a blank canvas waiting for you to create your day. What will you fill it with?


Creativity does ask a lot. It asks that you be true to yourself. That you have the courage to risk. That you speak up when everyone else is silent. That you venture out into unscripted territory – alone.  Not once or twice but as many times as needed to realize you’re not alone.


The world desperately needs leaders who are bold enough to step apart from the herd. Leaders from all professions who are not afraid to explore wide and deep the wells of creativity within. To discover and bring forth solutions that benefit all people regardless of race, religion or culture.


Are you one? Then don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious and anything self-conscious is limiting. Thinking is too often scripted and the same script repeated over and over.


Instead allow creativity to open your heart and mind as it flows through every fiber of your being – ever reminding you that you are the receptacle, the channel that is needed to nurture and guide new ideas into life.

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