I’m writing this on Thursday, November 5, 2020. The American presidential election has yet to be determined. Both sides of the fence are on edge – each believing that their way is the only way. Polarization has become a national disease. It has paralyzed this nation.


How do we move beyond this debilitation and reconcile our differences?


First, we must recognize that we are easily influenced by the collective energy of the world, our nation, selective groups and even our friends. For instance, people with little awareness or who are “asleep,” have a herd mentality and follow blindly. However, people who are “awake” are far less susceptible.


To “awaken” one must learn to listen to themselves. No, not to the outer cover of their personality but to the wisdom only found deep within themselves. We must learn to listen to ourselves before we can listen to others.


That means to become quiet. Not just sit in a room with no noise but learn how to quiet the noise within ourselves. With practice, we become calm and begin to benefit from insights that result in a rich understanding of ourselves and others.


In order to transform the world, we must transform ourselves first.


There is a style of leadership called transformational leadership. These leaders are often referred to as “quiet leaders” who lead by example. They see others as their equals, while motivating, inspiring and creating positive visions of the future.


Once you’ve mastered self-leadership, you can become an engaging leader in whatever field you desire. This is how the world will transform. Led by awake and aware people who have done the meaningful inner work of self-discovery.


In conclusion, the quote below, by my son
Phil Darley, succinctly sums it up.


“It’s not about the world changing.
It’s about what we are changing
in our own world.”