The Surest Way to Reduce Your Fears

alzati-leadershipcoaching by Susan Ann Darley


Fear debilitates. It threatens the foundation we stand upon – slowly eroding our self-confidence and sense of calm. Fear appears as sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, hatred, distrust, among other emotional states that pull us under. It affects our relationships, families, livelihood, health and peace of mind.


The Road Within

Personally I have found the only way to reduce fear and even move beyond it, is through the path of self-awareness. That means going within where we take a close look at ourselves – our fears, behaviors, thoughts, words and actions.


Self-responsibility. It takes courage, strength, honesty and a willingness to shed light on our not-so-nice characteristics – then let them go. However, as we do, we realize how the negative elements have affected our lives, compounding fear. 


The work of self-awareness opens our minds to see and understand how powerful our thoughts, words and action are. Most importantly, we see how they are literally the paint brushes of our lives. Moving forward and no longer ruled by negative thoughts and behaviors, we can focus on creating a peaceful and purposeful life. A life where fear does not rule us.


Metaphysics 101

The process above gives us the awareness of how we use our mind to shape our lives. Walking the path of self-awareness results in waking up to the beauty of life. We realize we hold the key to improving our life by directing our energy and focus on what we like, love and want our lives to be about. That in itself reduces fear. 


Moreover, we are practicing metaphysics – seeing life from a higher perspective.  It’s the path of self-awareness – conscious living. Spot on is the Urban Dictionary definition, which says  metaphysics is “seeing something from a higher perspective (self-awareness).”


Dissolving Fears

The path of self-awareness is where you begin to realize that the “things” of this world are simply ideas in form. Look around you – everything you see was once an idea. With this in mind self-responsibility continues to grow. You welcome the opportunity to carefully choose your thoughts, words and actions for you can see the tangible results.


As we discover the vast array of possibilities in front of us, we recharge. Self-responsibility is no longer a chore, it’s freedom. Freedom to choose what to focus on. Freedom to loosen the chains of the past. Freedom to meet all of our challenges with grace and dignity. Freedom to navigate the eye of the storm, not by fighting our reality but by rising above it.


Each person’s journey is unique, but the principles of the universe remain the same for everyone. The universe runs on a perfect mathematical formula. So simple we miss it until we slow down and go within.


You don’t need to understand it. However, you do need to practice it and prove it for yourself.  As you do, fears that once followed you will no longer be the architect of your life.


You will be.


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